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Working on the Front Porch of Our Tire Bale Home

June 2, 2008

My oh my, but summer is here and it is HOT in Denver but cool in the mountains. It finally stopped snowing in June. Fortunately for us, we were working inside most of the time.

Jeffery worked outside a bit adding our new front porch. Don’t you think it adds a bit of charm to the “industrial shopping mall” look? Jeffery is using all pine beetle killed trees for this.

The cattle drives have started from the local ranches. Bet you can’t say you see this sort of thing in the city cows, cowboys and cowgirls in your driveway.

After working with Elite Cabinetry and Granite in Denver for over a year (Thanks for your patience Gary Fielder), our granite was finally installed in the kitchen. It certainly adds a touch of class to the house. The plumber installed the kitchen faucet shortly thereafter.

Friend Art Wilson still continues to work with us. I guess it keeps him young. Here he and Duncan enjoy taping and mudding the drywall.

Mike Kunzman, American Clay in Denver, came up and showed us how to apply clay to the tire bale walls. We decided to cover the drywalled walls and the ceiling in the great room in clay. Our first task is to apply clay to the master bedroom. There are many interesting stories about clay, applying clay, and living in structures made with or covered in clay. Hopefully I’ll get time to put some of those up. Mike also showed us the techniques of blending colors as well as making finger patterns in the clay. Thanks Mike.

Duncan and I arrived at the site one morning to find a winged visitor inside. We are happy to report that even though she was a bit stunned from hitting a window and then being picked up by a human and then released, she flew off about 5 minutes later after regaining her composure and having many long astounding looks at us.

Would you like to know how to build a tire bale house? Our designer, Michael Shealy has put together a pictorial sequence to help answer some questions and to help others understand the sequence of building a tire bale house. We’re also strating to work on a book. Check back later for an expected publish date.

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