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Introducing Guests from Australia to Our Tire Bale Home

January 2, 2010

We entertained some friends from Australia over the Christmas holiday and even held an open house. What FUN! So far everyone loves the house! The most common saying is “your house is so-o-o-o quiet”.

Laura has found that she must “squeegee” the windows each morning due to the sheer amount of humidity the house holds (above 35% most days) and the condensation that collects on the windows at night when it is cold outside. We are still living with blue styrofoam as window coverings for the east end windows and that doesn’t help. It seems that anything that is a cloth window covering doesn’t seem to allow as much condensation on the window. As the water runs down, it is washing the clay off the lower wall, which is disturbing. We’ll have to find a remedy for this.

Please checkout the thermo images of our home taken by a guy from our local utility company and then visit our blog for the discussion on these.

We have been hearing of more tire bale homes under construction and are very glad to hear this. If you have a tire bale home being designed or under construction, please let us know via email.

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