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Two More Tire Bale Homes Under Construction in Colorado

October 20, 2011

Hello world! I’ve been notified of 2 more tire bale homes under construction in Colorado and wanted to share the info with anyone interested in building a home of this type.
First, I would like to let everyone know that our home is toasty warm once again this fall/winter, and was delightfully cool this past summer. Given that our solar system was working hard for us, our electric bill was never more than $20 (actual kwH) and we had none of all that noise and pollution from an HVAC system. We entertained many guests this summer, one of whom has one of the homes under construction.
Notice that each home is different? That’s the beauty of these kinds of homes.
Without further ramblings from me, check out these homes.

Here is the first house Mikey designed and it is mostly complete
Here is a recent home completed that Mikey designed and, they recently received their Certificate of Occupancy (CO letter)!.
And, here is one of Mikey’s latest designs
OK, this is the last one that I know of….to date.

Here is a flikr stream of our progression

I hope that you found Michael Shealy (Mikey), Touch the Earth Construction (

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